Save The Harbour

The Scottish Seabird Centre have submitted a planning application for a significant expansion of their buildings as part of a rebranding of the facility as a National Marine Centre. The application notes that this redevelopment is needed to make the operation viable again. No information has been provided to show how investment in a new building will create viability in the revised entity.

This huge expansion of the site will cost in the order of £5m and will cause dramatic change to the much loved community environment around Anchor Green. No evidence is provided with the application as to how the development will change the financial viability of the facility, or how change will be effect visitor numbers. However we believe this development and the huge disruption that it will force on local businesses, societies and charities during its construction will place all of these parts of the community at risk.

To support this we have created a dedicated campaign site containing information about the proposal and how to comment.

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